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Custom Serge setup on reverb - good deal?
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Author Custom Serge setup on reverb - good deal?
Hi all,

I started my dive into the modular world earlier this year with a 5U setup with the eventual goal of trying out other styles. I recently came upon the following listing - a custom setup that the seller is marketing as buchla style, though it looks a bit more like Serge to me. e#description-tab

He's offering it at a pretty substantial discount now - $1k off the original listing price. From my research on the included features and general module prices this seems like a pretty good deal (other than memorizing the layout for lack of actual faceplates) and I've had my finger on the trigger to buy it for some time now. However, I thought I'd run it by the community here and see if this actually is as good a deal as it appears to a scrub like myself.

And yes, I am aware that by showing this I'm opening it up for someone else to beat me to buying it. It's a risk I'm willing to take. Mr. Green

Did you ask the seller for inside pics ?
It's good to check how neat the build is when buying DIY stuff.
the bad producer
If that is built by who I think it is, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it!
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