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Roland MX1 & ES-8?
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Author Roland MX1 & ES-8?
Ypsi Kid
Hey all,

just wanted to check if there is any wigglers out there with experience using the Roland MX1 mixer as your main audio interface and the ES-8 to connect your modular (in my case, Ableton Live, latest version)? Thinking about potentially getting this to bridge my DAW and Modular - mostly so I can record individual channels, send DAW channels to the Modular for processing and sharing modulation. So I would be using the ES-8 as an aggregate device alongside the Roland MX1 (MX1 would be the main soundcard and the ES-8 would then be the 'bridge' to the modular).

My main concern is latency as I'm already battling this a bit with my rig, so I'm very curious around performance when used in conjunction with another soundcard (all experiences welcomed).

Thanks all!
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