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Author Thunderdoor

An album of improvised rough jams, one take, one session, a collaboration with a friend, modular, Triton, Juno's.
Whenever someone at the muff describes their music as "improvised" I always expect roughly mixed, random modular noise. I was pleasantly surprised by your album. A very inoffensive, arctic sounding, ambient soundtrack. A bit like a clean cousin of Biosphere's "Substrata".

If I'll put forth any criticism/personal wish it's that after a while I started craving some dirt.

Favourite track: A Productive Day. It has a nice arpeggio sequence and a great dynamic.
Found you on SoundCloud. Following now smile
Beautiful stuff. Love the album art too.
Thanks folks, ha ha! yes, "improvised" is a catch all word to describe all sorts of things these days.
I agree about the "dirt" and we're not short of that on a lot of stuff we do, but for some reason we just weren't in the mood on these tracks. They were recorded in one take, no editing, and in cronological order. There are loads of "mistakes" but on listening it all seems to gel to me.
I think the atmosphere is "arctic" I've been playing with this guy since 1991, and we've done some interesting stuff over the years, I think this bunch of tracks is going to our last for a long time, as he's moving away. It's very sad, and I'll miss playing with him, I think the mood of this stuff reflects that.
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