expo in Brussels, shows in Finland, etc

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expo in Brussels, shows in Finland, etc

Post by floris » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:31 am

very welcome to the State Of Things expo at iMal Brussels,
where I made a light and triangle wave controlled 40 fold distribution amp.

And to the shows of the next few months for which I'm playing with new circuits and building an alpha wave controller to slow down my 16mm film projector.

14-09 till 15-10 Polyhedra installation, iMAL Brussels
26-09 Helsinki w/Kraus
27-09 Turku w/Kraus
28-09 Tampere w/Kraus
13-10 TRAP Antwerp w/Kraus & Dennis Tyfus
14-10 Dodoens event Mechelen
16-10 iMAL Brussels w/Kraus
21-10 Bruthaus Gallery Waregem
01-11 Sphinx Cinema Ghent
10-11 November Music 's Hertogenbosch
22-11 Bug Sounds / Vinyl Canyon, festival bruits blancs Paris
24-11 Electronics and Bats, Xing Bologna

link to links to venues: http://endlesswebsite.blogspot.be/

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