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MIDI assistance
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Author MIDI assistance
Hi all -

I've recently switched my MIDI setup around and this is what I have:

DX9 (keyboard controller)
-Midi Out-Midi In->
MMT-8 as master clock and sequencer
-Midi Out-Midi In->
DX9 (sound source)
-Midi Thru-Midi In->

At this point, I have three instruments I'd like to introduce to the chain: a 707, a waldorf blofeld, and a Yamaha SU10 sampler. I also have a microkorg that I sometimes use to control the Blofeld.

The 707 has a Midi in, out, and 'sync'. The Blofeld just has Midi in and the sampler has in/out.

However, I want the midi messages from the MMT-8 to make it all the way to the end of the chain. I'm not exactly sure but I don't think midi messages can pass through the 707 or SU10 to the next machine, at least not in my testing.

I've tried removing the blofeld from the chain and controlling it separately, but that still keeps the problem of the 707 and sampler interacting with each other. I want them to keep time and for the sampler to receive midi messages.

Any help at all would be appreciated! Thank you.
If you want to do it all live:

Could you bear to have the 707 as the master clock? With these pieces of gear you could do your note recording as a separate take while the DX9 is sending midi down the chain then slave the alesis to the roland while you tweak parameters.

Did you try to find out if the sampler and the 707(unlikely methinks) have a midi soft thru function?

You could also buy a mid thru box then slave your devices on separate midi channels.

If all devices can only be set to channel one, see if each can be configured to ignore certain midi notes, usually a parameter called "range" ect.

Or, get a better, multitimbral sampler with more memory and sample the blofeld into it. An AKAI S3000XL can be found for around $200. thumbs up
I avoid using MIDI through as musc as possible because of the lag it can introduce. I would say

DX9 --> MMT8 ---> MIDI Splitter

Splitter Out 1 - Blofeld
Splitter Out 2 - SU10
Splitter Out 3 - 707, with MIDI or DIN sync out to x0xb0x
Splitter Out 4 - DX9

If you already have the DX9 and the Blofeld, I would sell the Microkorg and SU10 and get a better sampler, as CopperHydra mentioned.

It seems like you are going for a minimal setup which behaves as one living, breathing entity. I would shave off the fat by losing the Microkorg

You don't want to cram too much down that one cable coming from the MMT-8, so you could also solve this problem by getting another MMT-8, or an MC-505, RM1x or similar cheap polyphonic sequencer.
This thing is cheap on the used market and is the heart (pumping MIDI blood) throughout my entire setup.

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