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Gear you wished you'd never sold?
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Author Gear you wished you'd never sold?
We've all been there, I still wake up in cold sweats, still thinking I have my old VCS whatever it was, and then realise.........I don't.

Gear I've mistakenly sold and still dream about...

EMS VCS3 with DK2 keyboard.
Moog Mini Moog
Moog Prodigy
SC Prophet 5
SC Pro 1
Roland Juno 6
Lexicon 224
MM16-2 mixer.
Revox B77 X2
Boss SE50
Yamaha FS1R

Most of my gear. That's why most of it is the exact same stuff but 2nd generation. hihi
Annwn wrote:
Most of my gear. That's why most of it is the exact same stuff but 2nd generation. hihi

Ha Ha! Well, it would cost me a fortune to replace what I sold, and, looking back on it, it was sold in a panic, for no good reason when I met my first wife, but of course, I saw it differently then. But I "could" have hung on to it if I'd wanted to.
The other annoying thing is that my instruments were an income for me, I was hiring my synths to a local studio, I was working during the day for a furniture removal firm, I used to pile the synths in the back of the van and my mate would drive them to the studio!
I gave it all up to live in the Netherlands for a while and my life changed completely. But here I am now, back in Blighty, without a wife, and without my synths!
I would say to anyone contemplating a sale, if you really can't think of any other way to get money, then keep it at all costs. That's my attitude now.
ems 2000 vocoder
ems 8 octave filterbank
cms modded arp2600
pelican wrote:
ems 2000 vocoder
ems 8 octave filterbank
cms modded arp2600

VCS3's were popular!
Major regrets:

Nord G2 expanded
Schippman Ebbe & Flut
Voyager Solar edition - it looked and sounded stunning

No regrets with any of the countless other things I've had and sold..
I sold my Monomachine a few months ago, then bought another one a month later. Def. not selling that one again.
Tascam 38 8-track deck
My brothers API lunchbox (he sold them, ughhh.).
My baby MOTM modular (it was only seven modules but I had that 440 filter).
Vermona DRM 1 MK 3

Novation Bass Station 2

Digitech Polara

Just those 3..
I had other gears (Access Virus B, Elektron MachineDrum Mk2, Dreadbox Erebus, Arturia Minibrute SE) that i wish i still have but just for some sounds, but the 3 that i posted earlier are, or better were, keepers that i just let go for naiveness..
Op-1 (bought another one)
Oto Biscuit (bought another one)
Moog taurus 1
Moog phaser
Alesis andromeda
Teisco 60f
Regretfully sold over the years, typically due to failure to appreciate it enough at the time, lack of space in my spare room studio and/or need for $ to buy something else:
Korg Mono Poly
Korg MS-20 original (and MS-02 interface box, which I barely understood back then)
Moog Source
Roland MC 202
Roland Juno 60 w/JSQ 60 sequencer
Roland D50
Oberheim Matrix 6R and DPX-1 sample player (not missed that much)
sold a lot of stuff over the last 20 odd years...but the only things I think I actually really regret are a Korg MonoPoly & MS20.

Luckily I was able to rectify the latter by getting an MS20-M kit - actually better than my old MS20.

But there's no substitute for the MonoPoly. I must have been mad.

Honoury mentions to the Micromoog & Yamaha CS-15.

I guess it would be nice to have my Juno-60 back as it was the first synth I ever owned, but I don't actually miss it as an instrument.
the only thing I've ever sold that I thought about rebuying is the ensoniq SQ-R. It's hardly the most essential piece, but if I ever have 1 rack space open I think that it would be a cool cheap way to fill it.
Sennheiser vocoder
Fairlight IIx
EMT 251 reverb
RSF Polykobol II
Gleeman Pentaphonic Clear version
Trident Series 70 mixing board

looking back, I know why I sold each of them and at the time they all made sense. Given my currently limited space, I couldn't keep them without knocking down some walls...

even now, the gear that's here gets used and is integrated so I can play and record whatever I want without any hassles so it's not like I'm suffering or anything.
cs-80 (300pounds...)
moog modular (gave it away...)
EMS AKS (200 pounds)
SH101 (75pounds)
TR808 (500 pounds)
D-550 (gave it away)
Arp 2600. gave it as part of a trade for a Akai s1000
minimoog (500pounds)
jupiter 8 (700pounds)
prophet 5 rev3 (700pounds)
the list goes on... it was 1991 after all....

edit: my cr-78... got it for free (a bonus when i bought a mc-202), sold for 50 pounds.... i hated it at the time...
Don T
Roland SH-09
Roland SH-101
Ensoniq DP4+
Oto Biscuit
Waldorf Blofeld Keys
Elektron Machinedrum mkii

And ones I'm on the fence about:

Cwejman S1 mk2 - i sold it to get 6u of Bugbrand which, from the moment I got it, I thought was more fun. I still miss the S1 though. Can't get that sound and functionality elsewhere really.

Ensoniq ESQ-1 - I sold it because I was moving around a lot and it was too large. I also didn't have the patience for the menu-diving, but I think if I had stuck with it it would have been worth it.
styrmon blue sky
(got the big sky but not enjoying it as much. Not as immediate, but undoubtedly very impressive algorithms at work. Much more of a studio thing for me.... Need to fetch another blue sky... )

ms-20 mini
revisisted some recordings with this recently and it puzzled me a bit why i let it go. I wanted to move away from the hz/v system and just go cv. My studio space is small and i like to work quick. The ms20 took time to program and since it is a "separate" system the patches which took time to build were not really transferable. I didnt want to patch hz->cv randomly and hope for the best.. Bit afraid to break shit i guess. i found myself not switching it on for a few months and just fiddling about all the other gear which snakes around mighty proper.
But.... Yeah.... the ms series is great... Would love to have a the ms20 and ms10 and ms-02. Great machines.
My two main regret have both been reacquired: E-mu Morpheus and Yamaha FS1R.
None ever actually. I always know what and why I'm selling and I never look back.
These are the ones that I regretted letting go. They all went to fund other instruments, so I couldn't have hung onto them all, even if I wanted to.

Crumar Roadrunner
Vox Continental
Korg CX3 then a BX3
Roland SH101
Casio CZ101
Korg DW8000
Yamaha DX7
Horner Pianet T (I still weep when I think I let that go)
Horner Clavinet E7 (a 2 man lift, but what a sound)
Wurlitzer 200A (yup I was that daft)
Split hammond C3
Roland JX8P
Roland D50 & D550
Korg Wavestation AD
Korg M1
Oberheim Matrix 6R
Ensoniq ESQ1, ESQM, VFX
......and a Jen SX1000! - my first ever synth.
miss the mc909, esq1 and a weird sound generator built into a tin lunch pail i got off ebay once. :(
Oto Biscuit
Analog 4
Ibanez RG507 (my first guitar)
Strymon El Capistan
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