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SynthTech E352 has new firmware V1.1
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Author SynthTech E352 has new firmware V1.1
We have released a new OS for the E352, that fixes 2 bugs and speeds up the UI response by messing with the cache system.

Info for load is here. E352 page

Please note: for the current version of the E352's internal uSD card bootloader, we ONLY support FAT32, not exFAT.

FAT32 is for uSD cards of 32GB or SMALLER size. Please use a SMALL card that is like 4GB or 16GB.

We are looking to support exFAT in future bootloaders, but for now, this is just the way it goes.

I got 10 4GB cards off eBay for $12 + free shipping Rockin' Banana!
Walmart has micro SD cards for about 4 bucks if anyone needs them. 49578940

Somewhat nicer SanDisks go for ~$7.
Ypsi Kid
Will you be updating the pre-order (black panel) units that haven't shipped yet? Impatiently waiting for mine and was wondering maybe whether the wait will pay off (if it comes with the updated firmware)!!

Kinda half-joking, can't wait to get my hands on this thing.
Yes, if you have not received a ship notice, you will be getting V1.1 so no reason to upgrade.
BTW: these issues were found by existing beta testing, not by any end users (all 80 of them). So, the bugs are kinda "medium importance" but wanted to squash them ASAP.
Ypsi Kid
paults wrote:
Yes, if you have not received a ship notice, you will be getting V1.1 so no reason to upgrade.

Great news - thanks Paul!!
so, just got mines in. BEAUTIFUL. and having a blast with the Morph/Wavefolding mode.

but it feels like maybe there are no wavetables loaded into the ROMs?

that, or i'm doing something horribly incorrect in it's operation.

when i'm in Morph mode, moving (the knob or through CV) any of the X, Y or Z parameters does nothing. in Morph/Wavefolder mode, moving Parameter Z does nothing.

those knobs, in those respective modes, should morph through the wavetables no?

i have tried setting each Z1 and Z2 Bank to ROM A, B, and C.

i tried downloading firmware V1.1 and loading it (the About said that was what the firmware was already, but seemed to load successfully), no change.

Make sure the Wave is 'Morph' and not a fixed shape like Sine, Tri, Saw, etc. Morph is the last selection in the Wave list.
yep. i was being stupid. THANK YOU.

that...... makes so much sense.

lol. compleeeeeeetely 100% user error.

thanks for the quick response here and at email!
yurpah. love this thing.

slow LFO into the morph, E352 going into a few different effects paths -

This was hands down the easiest, quickest firmware update I ever did. Thank you Paul for making it this easy. I'm not even going to start comparing it to the gruesome update for the Rainmaker, to name one. Awesome module, awesome ease in updating also apparently.


Guinness ftw!
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