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Doepfer 404
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Author Doepfer 404
It's a great little synth that no one seems to love that much.

Got one the other day and really dig it. attaching some demos to hopefully start a convo. I'd love to to talk about other pieces with articulate acid. chime in!

this one was my first crack at a 404 sequence
this was my second sequence, but combined with a Syntecno TeeBee mk3 to compare/contrast their acid. it's night and day. neither the better/worse, just interesting how different two 303 emulations can be:
this was my last 404 solo acid attempt before blending in with rest of studio:
Use the search function cool
CoreInside wrote:
Use the search function cool

It's a 303-ish clone thats sort of it's own thing unless you specifically sequence it to do 303 basslines. There's been much said of (and tons of love for) this rack synth...

But not too much more to cover on this one. That's great you're using and enjoying it though. If you do some searching there are some shots 3x-8x units side by side in racks. Not sure how those folks were running voice allocations or sequencing but they're pretty impressive nonetheless.
It has been on my radar for many many years.... i am going to get one eventually. I just wanna wait to not miss a good deal on one from within the states, don't wanna pay out the ass for one from Japan or Europe but it has been needing a spot in my big rack o' monos.
I have one but never really gelled with it. I also have a (modified) Freebase 383 which I prefer, despite its controls being much more limited. These are really cheap and sound great. See also the MB33 desktop module.
it has been on my wants list for a while, thanks for sharing your recordings. Nice SlayerBadger!
I have two. My favorite analog mono synth. Can be like a 303 but also very warm and organic -> 0:27

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