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VCO differences
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Author VCO differences
Blake Smith
Hi There,

I'm considering trying out some metasonix gear and I'm curious if any experienced users can describe what the tonal differences are between the available signal generator options right now, R-55, RK4, and S2000.

Yes Powder
The R54/RK4 is the easiest to get clean, and has the most range. It'll go from a sine to a rounded square depending on settings, and you can several octaves out of it through control voltage if you play your cards right. Plugging audio into the CV input while it's set to oscillation will give you a very rough, very cool FM sound.

The S-2000's operators are based on the same circuit as the RK4, but seem to be tuned lower and to more readily oscillate, plus a VCA. You can either use Op2 to filter Op1, or get Op2 to roughly sync with Op1 for some deliciously thick subharmonic sounds. It's also killer to send audio into it, giving you a ribbon-controlled filterbank.

The R55 is at first glance meanest of the bunch. It's the hardest to get to track control voltage accurately and gives you the least range in doing so. (In my experience, often best to use an analog sequencer or ribbon controller.) It syncs readily to incoming audio though, and will do a very cool (if not always stable) subharmonic division effect if the incoming note goes outside of the range it can readily sync to, controllable with the pitch knob. You can get some very dramatic and musically useful key changes just by running a sequenced oscillator into it and adjusting the R55's pitch knob, or waveshape of the driver oscillator if available. Needless to say, it's great to run your guitar through it.
The TM-03 is a monster dual oscillator , i have two of them and now im selling one at F S/T
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