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Passive log taper attenuator in 2 hp
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Author Passive log taper attenuator in 2 hp
Does anyone know a module that fits the bill? Everything I find seems to be linear and I need something more suited for audio attenuation.
I saw this unanswered post you wrote and may have some ideas for you.

Based on this thread: storder=asc&start=50

I am making a whole series of 2HP utility modules and could probably make these passive log attenuators for you. It's also a pretty simple DIY if you wanted to make it yourself. Just a pot and two jacks and the panel. I would make a double with switch for CV/Audio pot taper. I'll probably make some either way since you likely aren't the only one looking for it.

Instead of me or you building one from scratch, there's a trick which you could use with any of the existing linear attenuators to taper the pot with an added resistor. This is what intellijel does in their modules with a pot having a switch for CV/Audio.

If you search on "pot tapering secrets" you should see a pretty well-known article about the details to do this. Basically a 10K resistor with a 100K pot.

If I did make one or more for you, where would you want to purchase it? Do you have a preferred dealer to buy from?
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