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Author ::verzerren::
I'll post my noise doodles here. Much of what I do is a mixture of noise, drone, glitch, or electro. Many homemade modules, some self-designed.

Here's an example:

More stuff here:
Here I'm experimenting with Grids, clock counters, clock dividers, and some randomness introduced by the branches module. Clouds (with Kammerl beat repeat firmware) was being used to introduce extra stutter/glitch chaos. The trick was in syncing the clouds chaos with the rest of the stuff so that it wasn't overbearing. Experimented with using Branches in latch mode to send gates to clouds at random (but not too long) intervals to change the dry/wet of the Kammerl beat repeater. I think that worked out pretty well because it made the clouds glitches time-synched, but since it was probability based it wasn't super predictable either.

Also in the mix:
Hexinverter Mutant Snare
ALM Busy Circuits Dinky's Taiko
MXMXMX Terminal Tedium
MXMXMX Ornament and Crime
Barton Musical Circuits FM Drum
Synthrotek Chaos Nand
Noise Reap Bermuda
Make Noise Function
2hp BRST
Pittsburgh Modular LFO
Here are a few clips from a recent show I played at Dreamland Theater in Ypsilanti, MI.

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