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Troubleshooting a Klee sequencer
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Author Troubleshooting a Klee sequencer
I have a few problems with the Klee I just put together. 1: Load glitches, some steps turn on that shouldn't & weak LEDs. 2: No CV out at all. The 3 TL074CN & the CD4051BE in the analog section are hot. 3: Bus 1 & 3 have no output. bus 2 works fine. I did find a missing 2 pin header, J13 in the digital section and added it. I think that some chips were damaged because that power jumper was missing. Any help would be appreciated.
Mind if I piggyback?

My problem is that the manual load switch shorts out everything and causes my lab supply to show overcurrent. The sequence is going the wrong way around, and one day, after a bump, the LED's 9-16 suddenly show half brightness and that whole set just doesn't work.

This is a damn complex build, if you've got hot chips, then you've gotta replace 'em. I'd recommend looking into replacing every chip on your boards, and also looking for soldering shorts. If you can, go through the front panel controls and double check literally everything, make sure nothing's shorted with a multimeter.
I need to find out why the chips are hot. I ordered a bunch of chips as I think some are damaged. I need to spend some time with the schematics and a multi-meter. Was wondering if some of these problems are common and have a known fix.
I fixed the Klee sequencer! Everything was pointing to the counter shift registers. I replaced both CD4034BE chips. Everything works. I had some problems with the crappy wire that came with the partial kit, for the pots. I'll finish putting it back together tomorrow.
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