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Dissertation :D
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Author Dissertation :D
Hey folks

It's time for me to start planning my dissertation and I need to find a good topic as well as someone/something as the case study. It has to be something with modular as this is what interests me the most. I think about the impact of modular synthesis/synths on experimental music /or the impact of modular synthesis/synths in the process of designing sound effects and ambiences. Richard Devine could be the case study in both cases.

Let me know what you think and PLEASE share any relevant LITERATURE, ideas, corrections etc..

Cheers Guinness ftw!
The impact on experimental music might be really difficult to pinpoint, at least if you're going to consider anything after the 1960's. Also you need a good definition or delimitation of the concept 'experimental music'. There's a highly recommended book by Nyman and another by Landy to begin with. Cage, Varèse and Pierre Schaeffer at various times talked about their music as experimental, each with different things in mind. Today, anything that doesn't fit the mold of the megahit appears to be labelled experimental.

As for you second idea, you should consider what kind of research methods to use and how to pose the problem. It would be conceivable to do some kind of comparative study and look at one example of non-modular sound design (whatever that is) and an example of someone using a modular. You might do interviews with people who have worked with modulars in some projects and computers exclusively in other projects. Or you could take the lazy musicologist approach and claim that you hear a certain something in sound effects made with modulars that you don't hear in non-modular sound effects, based on extensive listening and analysis of as many recordings as you can get hold of.

Personally I think the economy of the modular market would be a really fascinating subject for a thesis.
Seconded on the economics - the _business_ of modular, from designers who do it because it's fun (and opensource
their designs) to the "pro" designers like Tony R. to the manufacturing houses like Darkplace and WMD, to the retail outlet like Noisbug
and CONTROL and Foxtone and Detroit Modular, to the artists who "play for the walls" to the Pokemon trainers ("gotta catch 'em all!") to the pros like JunkieXL and Deadmau5.

Basically, tell me I'm pursuing a foolish dream and not to quit my day job. :-)

- Bill
What discipline/program are you in?
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