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Doepfer A-190-4 not sending pitch info
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Author Doepfer A-190-4 not sending pitch info
Im new to this stuff, so it might be me.

Recently bought my first rack, 9U Doepfer case. So it has a "system bus". Bought all modules myself, installed myself.

When I hook up, my pc on the midi->gate/cv module A-190-4 and send data from Logic Pro, the gate light follows my midi info.

It even lights up my gate on the ADSR (also Doepfer A-140) however, there is no 1v/o pitch info coming from CV1 or on the system bus. Same thing if I connect my Beatstep Pro on the midi. Gates fine, but no pitch.

Is my 190-4 faulty? Or might I have messed things up?

- Should CV1 carry the 1v/o even if the system bus is connected? How canb I troubleshoot this further.

Oh yeah, I do have a precision adder, if I flip a switch on it, VCO's do respond to the octave change. Even w/o cable, so over the bus.
The buss only supports 1 module putting cv onto it. It sounds like your adder and the 190 are both trying to put out cv at the moment. You’ll find jumpers on the back of the modules that can be used to determine if they put cv onto the bus or not. Check the manuals for further details.
Thanks for the tip!
Did not know only one bus output was permitted. I removed the jumper from the adder, and now have pitch control on bus and cv1!
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