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Mice in Synths: Polymoog + Mouse = Polymouse
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Author Mice in Synths: Polymoog + Mouse = Polymouse
we were recently offered a polymoog by a seller who I believe bought it from a storage auction. it was in rough shape externally so we asked for pics of the inside. in one of the pics was a ball of wall insulation. this is usually an indication that a mouse attempted to build a nest inside, and mice can be pretty destructive...and disgusting. so we asked for more pics and noticed chewed wires in 3 spots and a pretty big mess around the power supply... and this was just what was super-obvious without removing pcbs etc.

we've seen instruments that mice peed in, pooped in, and nested in and have turned them down due to health concerns and the fact that we dont want to deal with the nasty mess and stink they leave behind. however, im wondering if our concerns about health risks are valid since some of these instruments might make good parts donors (once the parts have been properly sterilized).

i did a little research into hantavirus, which is one of the nasty diseases mice can carry, and what i read seems to suggest the virus dies within a relatively short period of time. im wondering if other diseases mice carry might last longer and still be hazardous to one's health after a long time.

does anyone know about this stuff? if so, please chime in.

I don't think there's any health risk if it's been sitting for a long time, but you're right it's totally gross to clean that
You're really more at risk from particle allergens than anything infectious so spray with a 70% solution of isopropyl alcohol and allow to air dry, then wear a dust mask & vacuum inside, pair of nitrile gloves as well if you're worried &/or have sensitive skin/any cuts or grazes etc.
I'd be confident of handling any parts after that (day job is an environmental microbiologist)
I had mice eat through the wire harnesses in my Farfisa back in the eighties. Didn’t find out until setup at a gig. I spent the next day cleaning and soldering everything back together. PITA.
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