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FH-1 (v1.8) and Digitakt
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Author FH-1 (v1.8) and Digitakt
hi : )
thanks for this new release !
just get a digitakt it works usb to usb that's nice,really.
i also reprogram the output with the help of the editor,works well.
but seems that fh-1 not reconize the modificated CC value from one pattern to another,it is normal ? or i miss somethings ?
Splitting this off to a separate thread.
i tried further last night,direct cc value is working as you change the pattern it change the value.but when i edit different value for the lfo from one pattern to another one,it's not working.
example :
pattern 1 on random lfo midi clock speed set to 64
pattern 2 on sine lfo midi clock speed set to 63
he did not change this parameter (and all parameter of lfo) when changing pattern !?
Hi I also just ordered a FH-1 that should arrive tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for the amazing module & quick firmware updates!

I downloaded the latest firmware update to allow for the midi handshake with my Digitakt, so it can be updated when it arrives. Quick questions though:

1. Will the FH-1 automatically detect incoming clock and reset and route them to a one of the midi channels? If so which channels? 1 and 2?

2. If not then are Direct Control and Clocked Speed considered these parameters in the Script Generator?

Sorry these might be obvious questions, I'm new to writing and really understanding midi. What I'm basically trying to do is this:

Channel 1 - 8 Outputs:
1 External Clock
2 Clock Reset

3-4 Midi C 1 Gate / Note
5-6 Midi C 2 Gate / Note
7-8 Midi C 3 gate / Note
9-10 Midi C 4 Gate / Note
11-12 Midi C 5 Gate / Note
13- 14 Midi C 6 Gate / Note
15 - 16 Midi C 7 Gate / Note

Thanks again!
1) no

2) For the reset, you want one of the 'special purpose' outputs as detailed in the manual. For a clock, you want to set up a tempo-synced square LFO, so that means three CCs:
- the clocked speed for the LFO (around 64, depending on how fast you want it to run)
- the amplitude of the LFO (I suggest a square at half amplitude i.e. 64)
- the centre of the LFO (set to 96, an amplitude of 64 will give you a nice square wave that goes from 0 to 5V).
Thanks @os
Hi,had a closer look to my problem,
i control with a midi monitor on my computer if digitakt is sending different CC value when you switch pattern via usb ,yes it works.
on FH-1 side for direct CC value it works but when you start sending different CC value for LFO shape,clocked speed,FH-1 not reconize them.
you have to move by hand encoder to have a change on the fh-1.
questions :

would it be possible to make fh-1 working as i describe,directCC lfo value (shape,clock speed,phase..) to change with pattern ?

or i miss somethings,and it comes from the digitakt or some setting that i skipped in the fh-1 settings configuration ?
Sounds like a bug. I'll look into it.
Thanks : )
hey,got trouble with my FH-1..after more or less 1 hour of continuous use,it stop to receive midi from digitakt,to solve it a power off/on of the case works.
a bug ?
midirobot wrote:
hey,got trouble with my FH-1..after more or less 1 hour of continuous use,it stop to receive midi from digitakt,to solve it a power off/on of the case works.
a bug ?

I had this issue using a generic USB>MIDI box, it was the USB cable being slightly loose in the FH-1 port, changed cable and never had the problem again.
thanks for the tips mate : )
will try this and see !
Anyone made a basic fh-1 Digitakt template yet they want to share? Mr. Green
just tried the new firmware 2.0 ,and all problem i had seems resolved !!
thanks os !
lfo are now working as i expected,each pattern store fh-1 lfo parameters (phase,shape,clock speed,smoothing...) seems that parmeter lock on fh-1 lfo parameters also but i've got to try it more..
modulation pattern madness !
seems also that fh-1 not freezing anymore.
what great compianion they are ! really : )

dreaming about some cool feature :
digital sine osc that works with midi note with shape control over the output (digital env/vca controlled via cc) would be nice for fming osc
an envelope out mode with cc control over shape and response

southfork got a script that work with what i describe earlier but a bit messy if you want give a try i can send it to you.
this morning i tried the fh-1 arpegiator,works nice with DT,that's cool as it's doesn't have one iternally..
after playing with,i think should be nice addition to have some function like midipal,shruthi arpeggiator who have arpeggio rythmic pattern,and division !
would be possible ?
Can the FH1 get midi clock from the digitakt and turn it into clock and reset signals and can it work the other way around, feed it a signal from the modular and create a midi clock for the digitakt?

All via single usb cable?
Wow, awesome thanks smile
Anyone else have problem tracking digitakt to vco ?
Not sure if i need to calibrate the vco with the digitakt and not sure how i could do it actually
I'm having way too much difficulty setting up the most basic things between the FH-1 and Digitakt. I can get it to send CCs to control the basic faders, but past that I can't do anything. Trying to get clock sync info and maybe some basic LFOs. I think it would be cake. Not so much I guess. I just can't figure out what CCs I'm supposed to be sending here, I've looked at the charts in the manual. Nope. Any help would be appreciated.

Both FH-1 and DT are on the most recent firmware btw.
OK, so it looks like I've gotten a few LFOs going after reinstalling firmware and resetting the FH-1 settings to factory (it was supposedly a new unit from Perfect Circuit). Here's my big question now. How the hell do I access anything that needs CC0 or anything above 119? Looks like DT only goes from CC 1 - 119.
First port of call would be Elektron. Get them to fix the Digitakt so it can send all the MIDI CCs.

In the meantime - you probably won't need 120-127, as they mostly refer to functions on the 7th FHX-1 expander. If you need CC#0 you'll need to remap it, which is easily achieved with the script generator:
Ha great. Thanks!
Sinamsis wrote:
Ha great. Thanks!

Do you mind sharing your image.hex ?
I'm using the default file but it's not sending anything on output 1,2,7 and 8
And nothing special is obstructing in the digitakt
hey, I've just received the fh1 to pair with my digitakt.
fh1 is running firmware 2.2, digitakt 1.1.

I'm trying to send some sequences from digitakt to fh1, using a midi to usb converter cable it work as expected but it doesn't work with usb-usb connection. Any help?
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