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Wireless headphones with flat response
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Author Wireless headphones with flat response
So we all like wires but I'm getting kind of tired of them when walking around the city, etc.
Apparently wireless streaming should be "good enough" these days and so I'm searching for some interesting pair of headphones to take with me for work commute and such. Since most of my morning commute is by metro I'd appreciate good isolation (apart from good enough sound).

Currently I have Etymotic Research mk5. Any suggestion for something similar? Flat frequency response please.
Supra-aural models also welcome.
Koss 539i.... there is a guy on ebay with a bunch for $60 new. They use the same driers as the Pro DJ 200. They're surprisingly natural sounding so give em a shot. They last a long time. I have left them on all night by accident and they still the next day.
I'm based in Europe so I don't really care for US deals.

Ended up with Plantronics BackBeat Sense, got them with 50% discount. They have really decent gain, sound is very pleasing (shortly after obtaining it I listened to Sensient - Galaxians and that was really something), although with some tracks bass is a bit over the top for me.
Generally I think they excell with more polished recordings... some of more bassy dark techno has too much oomph here.
And reviewers considered them to be low on bass. Can't imagine what most consumer headphones sound like these days.

BTW the feeling of not having to worry about cables when moving in the city between people is awesome.
Also they have a sensor that if I take them off my ears the music player in my Android phone pauses. we're not worthy
Those Plantronics look nice! Now you've got me wanting a pair! smile
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