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Your favorite knob designs?
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Author Your favorite knob designs?
So, the big colorful Rogan's are obviously a favorite due to the Buchla stuff. But what are some of your favorite knobs? Post some pics.

.... It's gonna be so hard to avoid innuendo on this thread!
It's hard to choose one style, here are some of my favorites:
Moog Modular knobs
colored VCS3 knobs
The older style of Buchla Rogans
Gleeman Pentaphonic clear knobs (they are literally glass spheres).

Oberheim OB-1 knobs (the ones on the black version)
Those Gleeman knobs are insane! Never seen those before.
I like the Davies 1900H. I know that they are plain and that they are hardly special, but I'm apparently a really simple man.

But to go against the popular opinion: I think the Buchla style Rogans don't look good at all.
ems synthi vco tune knobs,
sequential circuits prophet 5 knobs,
roland 101/202/909 big tempo/tune/volume knobs,
intellijel style knobs on modular.


MXR! Lovely portable lab gear look, comfortable, the long line enables easy checking from across the room.
I really like these solid aluminum knobs that I've been using on all my DIY builds: evices%2D4006%2D0031%2DAluminum%2DKnob
anything Davies. love me some phenolic. Once I tried sanding with 1000 grit and it left a nice matte sheen, someday I want to try tumbling knobs with sand to get a duller texture and smooth out any rough edges
I like my knobs as I like my women, vintage. No. No, that doesn't sound right..
mangros wrote:

MXR! Lovely portable lab gear look, comfortable, the long line enables easy checking from across the room.

These were Ric knobs before MXR got em.
Icey pickle
rogans, buchla davies and roland system 100 knobs. speaking of which does anyone know if they still make the roland knobs?
I love the synthi knobs for sure, never have seen them in person though...

but my favorites are surely Mu-Tron knobs! Seriously rare and are not available anywhere, I am seriously debating having them made somehow...

I like these best smile

Those from Endangered Audio Research look superb but I think they are not getting them from their provider anymore....

Rex Coil 7
I have no taste.

This is my 5U synth, believe it or not there is actually a method to all of the colors.

The spun aluminum center of Moog modular type knobs creates a problem with seeing the indicator line/dot. For me, at least. So I went with these, replacing roughly 112 knobs on my synth.

dot matrix madness
Somewhat out of competion: Encoder knobs as found in the radio room of the USS Midway. Would like to have a bunch of those.
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