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Acidlab Drumatix
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Author Acidlab Drumatix
Looking for info on the power brick:

I recently bought one, and it's great, but the power brick's cable is fried.
It was a euro one anyway, so I might as well sort out an Australian.

The problem is that the Drumatix says '14VAC' but the brick says '12VAC'

Even the manual has the same inconsistency:

So if I buy a new one, which one do I get?
Can anyone with a meter check what theirs is actually running on?

I tried emailing Acidlab but they didn't reply, and now their site is down.

From here the side is working as it should.

In the German manual there is written: 12VAC/1,6A. Mine drumatix came with the 12V powerbrick.

May you wait for an answer from Klaus as there is written, that in the USA you need another powerbrick. (this is mentioned only in the German manual)
It's 12v.

This works fine: aight/dp/B00B88621O/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1507120569&sr=8-1-spon s&keywords=jameco+12v+ac&psc=1

I use the same on the drumatix and several other pieces of gear that need 12v ac.
Yes, it is labelled incorrectly on the machine itself. I always assumed that the mistake came from transferring the labelling on the original machines (Bombass, Bassline) that actually run on 14VAC.
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