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USB MIDI interface?
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Author USB MIDI interface?
Guys, I know it's super boring but I am trying to pick a simple USB to MIDI interface to slave my modular stuff to Ableton through MIDI->CV. What are you recs? Just grab some cheapo thing from Aamzon like this, or is there a better option?

I'm new to doing MIDI -> CV stuff and just worried about some shoddy piece of hardware doing a shoddy job.
The Mio USB to MIDI converter works great and is very affordable. I use it to sync hardware to my DAW all the time.
I've had two Midiman/M-Audio interfaces for ever that work perfectly. 8x8 and 2x2. Work well. Long lasting.
I used to have the midimans which work well once set up but the drivers need SO MANY DEPENDENCIES!!!! I hate it. Terrible to set up in a pinch. I have an emu xmidi 1x1 for when i need it to ~just work~ and also the midi built into my digi 002 and umc1820 is usually enough for me.... I got one of those super cheap china usb midi cables with a keyboard i bought on craigslist and have not tried it yet. I also have a Roland Super MPU64 I bought from Infected Mushroom. That is my home studio interface since it's a total bitch to get running on anything but 32 bit windows or Linux but when it works it'll never fuck up.
Mio 10 has been pretty solid for me. iConnectivity's MIDI software management tool's UX is a little bit challenging in my opinion, but I think I've figured it out now.
+1 on the mio10
Seems to be working really well.

I've been a MOTU guy for 19 years - had the MIDI Express XT serial version, then the USB version, and to be honest, I just got sick of constantly updating the MOTU drivers and stuff. Maybe that's been solved now, but to be honest, these iConnectivity products are really the future, they have all sorts of extra connectivity to them like for your ios devices and class compliant USB controllers.
Cheapo thing will be fine.
MIDI is MIDI. Nothing great to expect here, really.
If it's only for modular and you just want a single 'out' anything will do really...
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