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Polyphonic MIDI controllers (non-keyboard)
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Author Polyphonic MIDI controllers (non-keyboard)
Just wondering what sort of stand-alone devices are out there for controlling polysynths via MIDI, other than keyboards.

I am aware of the Linnstrument (and a couple things like it) but haven't looked into it a whole ton. But (correct me if I'm wrong) it is still meant to be a very hands-on/tactile controller.

I'm looking for something a bit more oriented towards drone/experimental/ambient stuff. Such as:
- a pad/pot controller where pads were latching on/off switches for notes, and (hopefully) pots would adjust pitch when pads were off, and provide pitch-bend when pads were on. (I don't think the original Beatstep can do this, right?)
- a polyphonic sequencer that can run slow and provide random/interesting sequences, without external input.

I've tried recording slow ambient/drone stuff on my MSQ-100, but I am never very happy with it... usually it is either too repetitive, or I screw up somewhere and have to re-do it. (Perhaps I'm just not patient enough...)

I want to set something going, but not have to be constantly touching it (or setting fishing weights on keys...). I'd probably be using this most with my desktop Blofeld and my Wavestation.

Some sort of poly CV-to-MIDI device could be interesting too (to be used from my modular), but I think all of those are either just Note/Gate, or CC-only.
Look at NDLR Super Arpeggiator. Righ now the founders thinking of adding sequencer to this machine.
Damn, that NDLR looks really interesting! Thanks for the tip!
NDLR does look pretty cool. Priced nice, too. If more functionality is built in, and the sequencer does come, it becomes all the more tempting for me. Personally, I'd rather just hook things up to a Mac Mini running Live, or something, to have way more control, but that setup is a lot more than the $200 Conductive Labs is asking for the NDLR Kickstarter. Definitely a cool piece of gear.
Smirnovich wrote:
Look at NDLR Super Arpeggiator. Righ now the founders thinking of adding sequencer to this machine.

Thank you for this, just pledged! I love MW
You can see more here: peggiator-music/x/17507381#/

Recent updates show the 8x modulation matrix

and the on-board pattern editor
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