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Beatstep Pro issues with polyphonic sequencing
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Author Beatstep Pro issues with polyphonic sequencing
sine language
According to the Arturia website, the latest firmware allows the drum sequencer to be used as a polyphonic sequencer:

“you can now use the Drum Seq as a correct polyphonic sequencer over one octave.
To do that, open the Midi Control Center, and simply set your Drum scale to chromatic.”

I can’t see anything in the midi control software that allows me to change the drum scale to chromatic? I have the latest version of both firmware and midi control centre. Has anybody got this working?
sine language
Hmmm im guessing nobody has tried this feature...
Not sure what you mean, with the drum channel selected hold shift and step 16.

Edit: opps, thats polyrythm drums... Maybe try the main BeatStepPro thread (It's Impressive).
Just select 'chromatic' from the drop down menu in the device settings page and you get the option to assign the notes to the pads, works well and is easy to set up........
sine language
Thanks Muzone, I couldnt see the option the last time I tried but ill check again tonight
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