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Categories of modules I don't own
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Author Categories of modules I don't own
1. Things I can't do with what I already have
2. Things I can already do, but take two or more modules to do them
3. Things I already have, but need more of
4. Things I want

I've been using these criteria lately to focus my buying decisions. Thought it may help others.

Or maybe there are other categories...

Maybe there are other purchasing strategies...
5. Things that expand the capabilities of my other modules.
"Things I want".... I can deny myself these things in almost every category of life but one... modular.

I honestly do wish I had taken the time to learn how to get the most out of what I had before proceeding, I could have built a much more efficient system. That being said I'm having a blast with what I have though.

When I have the time that is.
666. Things I don't understand.
Things that look cool This is fun!
Dcramer wrote:
Things that look cool This is fun!
pretty sure LZX falls under no.1 or no.3 Miley Cyrus
BillyB909 wrote:
5. Things that expand the capabilities of my other modules.

Oh, nice one! I think I'd make that number three.

(...thinks...) Specifically expanders and companion modules, coz really you could say that most modules expand the capabilities of what you already have.
A slight modification of #2: "Things I can do with modules I have, but could do better with other modules."

Lots of those for me in the almost-a-year I've been into Eurorack. I liked wavetable mode in the Disting so I got an E352. I liked TZPM+wavefolding on Warps, so I got a Hertz Donut and a uFold. I'm on my third cycle of switching out envelope modules, and my second cycle of switching LPGs.
8. Modules I put on my list to acquire but can't remember why.
Starthief's revision of 2. is good.
Further, modules that integrate utility modules to free up your utility modules is always a movement toward Om for me.
Interesting comments. Revisions accepted and will no doubt be informing my buying decisions in future.
Modules that give instant gratification, are easy to use, and don't require a learning curve. I have no patience or desire to get involved with anything that doesn't fulfil these requirements.
Dcramer wrote:
Things that look cool This is fun!

Someone needs to seriously make dummy modules, with knobs and jacks but no guts behind. Like the ones Emerson had on the bottom row of his Moog. nanners
Ones I haven't soldered myself.

It's a weird personal quirk but, even though my (DIY) case uses standard Eurorack power, rails, all the rest of the Euro standard...

I can't bring myself to actually BUY a modular synth module. When Befaco brought out the Rampage, I went, "Phew! I can have a DUSG type module now!" (this was before the R*S one, and I'm not willing to do panel wiring for the Clarke68 DUSG.)
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