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Dual sample/hold with pink noise. In sync?
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Author Dual sample/hold with pink noise. In sync?

I'm wondering, if I have a dual sample & hold (so the two should operate pretty similarly) and if I were to put the same pink noise source into both, would the resulting voltages that come out as samples be identical or different?

I imagine (and hope) they are different as pink noise changes quite fast and they won't both pick it up for sampling at the exact same due to slight differences in components?

What do y'all think?
Dave Peck
They would need extremely accurate clocking/triggering to give you identical outputs. I wouldn't count on it.

But if that is what you are trying to achieve, why not just use ONE sample/hold and mult the output to create two 'identical' outputs?
You want them to be different, right? You could test it by using a manual trigger and measuring the voltage on the two outputs or listening to two oscillators tuned in unison at the start.
Dave Peck
...If you want them to be DIFFERENT, you can do just about anything to the noise source before plugging it into one of the S/H and you're guaranteed to have different outputs. Run it through a spare filter, etc.

But if your noise source has other outputs in addition to the pink noise (like white noise) just send the pink noise to one S/H and white noise to the other S/H.
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