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V1 difference from V2 Cocoquantus in sound comparison?
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Author V1 difference from V2 Cocoquantus in sound comparison?
Anyone have any facts on the difference between the V1 from V2 in sound comparison? I don't have both versions here but I sure do wish I did Rasta-nana Rasta-nana Rasta-nana

I know some of you diy feens have the skinny on this hyper hihi

The boards of the V2 and the through hole on the V1 has to show some kind of difference in sound but I just don't have them to measure. Anyone?
Anybuddy? oops
alright are we talking the original cocoquantus big slab of wood versus the smaller versions (both with and without the envelope follower)?

if so then yes from what I remember the quantussy sounded nicer in the original I haven't ever been able to put my finger on it and a side by side comparison may reveal I have just remembered it incorrectly

The original triangle waves didn't have the pops and clicks that the V2 is usually subject to (or maybe that is just my unit) again this is in the quantussy section

that was the biggest difference to me

that may also have effected the way in which that section moduates other things I'm not sure

that is as much as I remember
Dead Banana
I think that the sampling/delay chips are likely the same, or it would be common knowledge as to the sound differences. That is to say, there should be no appreciable difference between your cocodeer and a newer coco.

Listen to samples on my new album, linked below (the Scy1e side) - every track has coco2, no post effects, and usually is sidrax or op1 going through - should be pretty easy for a coco owner to hear what is coco and what is something else (plumbutter, blippoo, and a lil bit of lil deformer, fill out the rest of the sound, all reasonably recognizable to someone versed in Ciat!)
Just to reiterate, cause I can see this getting questioned. Not a lick of reverb on any of these tracks, just lightly mastered, but you should be able to take them as unadulterated, as they really are.
The dolby filters on v2 alter the input- which would have an effect on the sound. w00t
Doublecoolbossman wrote:
The dolby filters on v2 alter the input- which would have an effect on the sound. w00t

Fairly certain the Dolby switches are implemented the same on v1 & v2 coco's
Whoops, must've been thinking cocolase vs quantus Dead Banana
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