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Drum machine for kids
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Author Drum machine for kids

Im teaching my daughter (4y old) keys, and thought it would be cool for her to
have a very simple way of composing rythms.

Got something really simple in mind, anyone got ideas?
Is the "box" below possible?

Chips with stored samples and a simple sequencer with tempo and swing:

Ive done several DIY projects, but never designed anything myself.
Had a hunch someone here would know where to start.
If you use an Arduino or similar small computer, that'll do most of the heavy lifting. Build a matrix out of the buttons and scan it in software, multiplex the LEDs similarly, run the potentiometers into the computer's ADCs, and so on. More of the work will be in writing the software than in designing the circuit. The painful part will be the price tag, with all those pushbuttons.
w/e you do please add step length per voice. constantly frustrated by drum machines that lack this feature. Having a step length per voice allows for evolving/much longer drum patterns.
You may be able to use a wav-triggger or mp3-trigger from SparkFun to play the sounds. If you don't want to use computer to trigger it, a 4 bit binary counter and 4-to-16 decoder can generate 16 sequential pulses driving each column. If the switches are connected between the columns and the trigger inputs via diodes, the corresponding sound will be triggered if the switch is on.
Also, AdaFruit also has 4x4 button arrays that light up (who doesn't love geblinkenlights?) and it's open source too:

- Bill

(you know... a couple of those would make a nice drum sequencer....)
could also use a computer keyboard as your input device, one with leds on the keys perhaps
needs a play button
needs more cowbell
av500 wrote:
needs more cowbell

hihi hihi hihi
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