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Moog MF103 or Oakley Deep Equinox?
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Author Moog MF103 or Oakley Deep Equinox?
Sorry if this is already covered somewhere. The search function is down. For my purposes both options seem similar functionally. I'm wondering which sounds better? Is there even a big difference between 8 and 12 stage phasing?

Both are excellent sounding units - but they do sound quite different from one another. I'd not like to say which one sounds better. 12 stage phasing is not subtle though and my own personal preference is for fewer stages. I even rather like a two stage phaser from time to time, eg. MXR Phase 45 and DOD 201.

You can use Google to search this site. Put in first and then add what you want to search for. Works decently.
Thank you both!

I guess I'm leaning toward the MF103 first because, it'll be easier to use with multiple systems and other instruments. But if they sound that different it's probably worth it to have a dedicated phaser in my main MU cab. It can park next to the Oakley chorus/flanger when that's available.
The Oakley has a great LFO which can be used independently of the phaser effect. Also the Oakley's LFO and audio are at Modular level, so you can patch into a VCA after it. The MF-103 is a great pedal, but its voltages and levels are not up to modular level.
Thanks Henfield! I opted for the MF103 because I found a good deal on a used one. It's LFO also seems to have a dedicated output. As for working at modular levels, I'm hoping I can use an STG Active Attenuators module or a Dotcom Q118 instrument Interface to boost the signal.

I've decided to also order the Deep Equinox along with the Chorus/Flanger from Krisp1 when the latter becomes available.

This way I'll have the MF103 to use with guitar, a small euro case, and some slab synths and the DE can stay put in my MU cab.

I love it when I talk myself into spending more money! Dead Banana
ba1 wrote:
I've decided to also order the Deep Equinox . . . .

I have both, bought the MF103 first and quite like it. I also agree with Enfield that to use it with my modular, it pretty much requires using other modules to change levels (I have an AC 4x instrument interface which is ideal for that purpose).

I also got the Deep Equinox not long ago and it is just stellar, very different sounding and acting than the MF103. Something that I've found (so far) which is maybe a bit of a surprise is that I like the sound of the standard 4-stage setting equally to the others (and use it just as often) - so I also agree with the earlier comment that more stages does not equal preferable sound - I think of the different number of stages as different tools - all good.

I wouldn't want to have to choose between them but if I _had_ to, based solely on sound/character, it would be the Deep Equinox.
I have just received and installed Oakley DE from Krisp.

My first impressions are below:
It's very versatile device - from TD era of slow waves to Honky Tonk piano to flangy basses. I found this phaser with the same flavour like previously owned EHX phase but more versatile.

Previously I think that drive/fuzz pedals are hardest effect to reproduce in digital emulation but mine Axe-FX II has pretty good drives on board. But Axe phaser are cheesy. DE will help me with phase effect. I hope I will have some time soon to make some demos and share with you.

I hope that someone will create/reissue old BBD analog delay pedals. Old Japanese Boss/Maxon-Ibanez or US MXR/EHX will be great for this.
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