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To Haken or not to Haken....
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Author To Haken or not to Haken....
hmmm..... i've been having this internal debate with myself over whether or not to get a haken continuum for well nigh seven years (or has it been longer?) now.

i've read various reports from folks here (such as Scott Solida) and elsewhere about how wonderful it is (and how they wished they had got one sooner).


one of my main indecision points has been, do i go full-size (~8 octaves) or half-size (~4 octaves)?


if my main purpose is to control modular synthesizers via its cv-interface, 4 octaves seems plenty. and one can always scale the control voltage up or down within the modular system. and the more compact size also equates to increased ease of transportability.


on the other hand, should i wind up falling in love with the built-in eagan-matrix synthesizer (which i expect i would) then the 8-octaves range of the full-size continuum starts to become very attractive. the combination of 6 octaves split into controlling the (expanded) eagan-matrrix and 2 octaves of control into a modular synthesizer seems particularly alluring.

but the price-tag for that set-up (full size continuum + eagan expander + 2 cv interfaces + the cool sci-fi-looking stand - is what i tend to daydream most about) is somewhat of a jump from half-size + 1 cv-interface. and taking it on plane-trips seems like it would be more of a challenge.

and then at some point i tell myself that i really prefer sequencers and knobs over keyboard-like control surfaces (having essentially retired from 8-hours-plus-per-day instrument-practice sessions years ago) anyways.


and then there is possibility of both - full size and half-size, that is.


anyone else faced this particular conundrum? if so, please share your thoughts.

Scot Solida
The half-size was all I thought I could make room for in both my room and my budget, but I sometimes wish I'd have gone whole hog with the full size. However, you can shift the octave of the Continuum itself, so it hasn't been that big of a deal. Full size would be super-sweet if you can make the space and money for it. CVC is a must. I love using it to play my modular synth. If you want to do splits and layers with two Eaganmatrix patches, you'll need the expansion. I have never hit the wall with the Eaganmatrix otherwise and stock units now come with more DSP than mine did originally (it has since been expanded, though).

Lippold Haken and Edmund Eagan are terrific with support, too. They take very good care of users.
I'll eventually get a Continuum, I'm still contemplating the two versions as well.

I'd get the 8 octave version for things like sample manipulation and live solo pieces with no other instruments. For travel and pairing with a modular, the half sized feels adequate.

I really like the full sized keyboard because I like improvising with Low, Middle, and High octaves live. If your not going to need instant access to the full sized keyboard, the half sized is all you'll need surface-wise.

I didn't have this instrument on my "wishlist" until I got to play it and experiment with both sizes and different setups. I much prefer it to something like the Roli seaboard or Madrona Soundplane. Being able to demo it completely changed my perception of the instrument. If you haven't yet, play one.
i am convinced if someone gives me a continuum i'll be walking around like Gollum. One day...
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