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HVM - huge Volume drop in Vox mode
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Author HVM - huge Volume drop in Vox mode
I was finally able to finish my HVM/SE330 unit.

Overall i like what i am getting out of it, but there is one issue i dont know wether its intentional or points towards a mistake i may have made while building it.

When i switch from chorus to vox on the HVM the volume drops by 30 dB.

Complementory to this the Mix Knob needs to be at about 4am to even hear the effected signal.

Any feedback or advice would be much appreciated smile
Something is wrong there I think. Try to listen to the raw audio output from the round solder pad of the VOX output header. Compare this to the audio output from the round pad of the CHO header. They should be similar - although the VOX output is very frequency dependant, for example, a very low note will sound quiet when switched to the F4 setting.

If the audio from the two raw outputs is not similar you possibly have a problem with the resistor network RN1. A bad UPR/LWR switch would also cause this problem too.

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