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Jupiter 6 Intel's P8031AH microcontroller
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Author Jupiter 6 Intel's P8031AH microcontroller
nearly ghost
Hi guys I was wondering if any of you guys here have replaced this chip on the Jupiter 6?

Can you tell me if its socketed? No soldering required?

My Jupiter has 2 dead voices and im wondering if this is the source of the problem after seeing this video.

It could be a lot of things, you'll need to determine if the whole 2 voice board is working or not... are you sure two bad voices aren't on the 4 voice board?

The jupiter 6 is a very advanced synth to work on, and contains numerous tiny traces that can burn away with novice desoldering skills. Any IC in the JP6 can be difficult to remove even with good equipment and experience, due to the delicate PCB construction. I believe all ICs are soldered right to the board.

It would be highly advisable to have someone experienced with jupiter 6 repairs work on it if this is your first stab.
nearly ghost
Thanks for responding. I wouldn't dare open it up myself, I was hoping it would be an easy fix. I have a friend who an electrical engineer who i would trust to have a look inside and maybe switch a socketed chip or something like that. but i dont think there are any synth techs where i live, im afraid to ship it. cry
nearly ghost
Can anyone recommend any reliable trustworthy synth techs in the EU?
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