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3 ways to use your PHONE as a synth Multi FX engine
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Author 3 ways to use your PHONE as a synth Multi FX engine
Here's a link to the clip:

Most synths, especially analog ones, don’t have any onboard effects such as reverb, delay, tremolo, etc, and indeed are very well paired with effects and multi fx processors, which add a lot to the sound.

The problem with that is that it’s more hardware, cost and space.

However, phones have gotten so powerful recently, that they can be perfectly adequate multi-effects processors, and, in the case of the iPhone (and iOS in general), multi-channel and multi chain processors with hub apps such as AUM and Audiobus, along with broadly implemented AU and Interapp Audio SDKs.

This video shows 3 ways to get up and running:

1. Using a simple fx processor app
2. Creating multiple fx chains using AUM (or Audiobus)
3. Creating multi-input/channel fx chains (assuming you have a multichannel audio interface)

The video also takes a look at the differences between AU effects and Interapp audio fx.
Yeah, in my setup I’m using AUM for iPad as mixer and midi clock.
Nothing complicated but it’s nice, for example, to have an OP-1 going into the Oto Biscuit’s delay which is slaved to AUM’s clock, and in the meantime sampling the results into Blocs Wave app, that it’s synced via Link.
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