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Noob Filter/stripboard layout help
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Author Noob Filter/stripboard layout help
Sorry to be a useless noob but can one of you kind folk please help me with a stripboard circuit I'm working on? help

I'm sure I've made a really obvious mistake but I've checked it about 10 times now and I still can't see the problem.

Basically, I got some of the SSI2144 and want to make myself a tasty low pass, so I started with the test circuit on the breadboard and it was OK, so I thought I'd stripboard it to enable some more rigorous testing but I can't get the bugger to work, the chip just gets quite hot fairly quickly and it passes no sound so I'm guessing I've got an error in my layout somewhere but I can't for the life of me see it.

The only changes I have made from the datasheet are:

Replaced input resistor 68.1K with a 10K plus a 100K trimmer to allow me to trim the input (original schematic has 7v ideal input and I'd like to be able to go lower than that)

I didn't have any 6.8nF caps so I used 10nF and changed the 560pF to 820pF (these are the values shown in the original SSM2044 test circuit so they should be good, I'm guessing it will just lower the frequency?)

Here is the SSI2144 datasheet

and here is the original SSM2044 datasheet

I'm pretty certain that the bottom of the board has no shorts (I have checked several times with the multimeter) but I can post pics of that if you like.

Again sorry to be an annoying noob but I've been really struggling to get a decent filter (or 3) together,it's the only thing holding up my synth project and I don't know anyone to ask! waah
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