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Fh1 & Expanders Lemur templates
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Author Fh1 & Expanders Lemur templates

I got an Fh1 last week to add more midi-cv to my modular.

I have adapted some old templates and new ones to work with the Fh1 and the Fhx Expanders.

I have ended up with one Fh1 and 3 expanders, for a total of 32 cv outs controlled from the Ipad app Lemur.

Anyway, im getting my last 2 expanders soon, so when i debug and check that its all good i will post it here.

Some of the templates:

*Four voice sequencers, with polymeter and polymetric functions, presets and mutes for each voice.

*Eight voice trigger sequencers, also with polymeters and polymetric, fucntions, presets for all the channels and mute funtions

*Eight channel Lfo recorder. You can record your fader movements, which draw a waveform, and then you can play the fader movement recorded, reverse it, shorten it, speed it up, shorten it, etc..

Template uses this objects posted in Lemur forum:

I also have adapted the lfo studio template from the Lemur library for more synced standard lfo waveforms, the template is by Antonio Blanca ( i think);

Finally a 4 ball controller from the User library forum @ line lemur (link below)

As said, each of this templates will have 4 versions, one to be used with the Fh1, and 3 other for 3 Fhx expanders.

As soon as i test the templates with all the expanders i will repost here.

Also there are 2 versions of each template for big Ipad pro ,and normal sized ipads.

I think there are so many posibilities with the Fh1 and the lemur!

Im using a iconnectivity 4 between the ipads and the fh1.

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os wrote:

Thanks Os!

This templates are finished, for a fh1 and 3 expanders (each template has a version which is assigned to either the fh1 or the first 3 xpanders)

if there is someone i terested ill post them here,

I'm definitely interested!
Will do!

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