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acoustic endpin pre-amps?
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Author acoustic endpin pre-amps?
Figure this might get more responses here than in general gear...
I'm not a guitar player, and what I am actually looking to do is use two endpin pre-amps to build a super compact and rugged stereo preamp system for some contact mics. But since they are both for piezos, same difference. From what I understand Alan Lamb has used Fishman preamps for many years for his recordings and they sound pretty good to my ears!

The thing is there is a massive range of endpin pick-ups and prices. Any acoustic players here have experience with different models they can recommend or I should avoid? I don't really NEED anything like tone control, although I suppose it wouldn't hurt me if it were there, but ideally I would actually have a very flat/neutral frequency response (if I could use them with my cello too it wouldnt hurt!). Also with trying to keep this as compact as possible the less knobs floating around the better.
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