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Argos Bleak vs. Flame Chord Machine 2 (2017)
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Author Argos Bleak vs. Flame Chord Machine 2 (2017)
Looking for a quantizer / chord generator!
I am probably going for either a Argos Bleak or a Flame Chord Machine 2 (2017). Which one would you choose and why?
Of course alternatives are welcome too.. :-)
Argos Bleak looks like an eminently practical tool. The ADDAC Intuitive Quantizer has many adherents.

But look carefully at all the stuff Instruo is doing in the space, particularly the Harmonaig and just-announced Sinfonion. These seem game-changing.
Paranormal Patroler
There's also the Flame Arpeggiator 2013 and the older versions of the same modules (available second hand). Depends on the how complex one needs to go and the available space.
Got a demo of Argos Bleak from Scott at knobcon--it's a fantastic module. Compare the interface of both modules--the Argos Bleak is geared towards performance, playability, and oscillator control. Twenty knobs on the AB, compared to one knob on the Flame. The Flame looks good, and also does arps, but the AB seems like more fun--and more powerful.
Oh my, the Sinfonion looks good.
Any word on when it will be released and how much it is going to cost??
I use Ornament & Crime (the Harrington app) for this. Send in a mono sequence and get up to four voice chords out, with plenty of CV options for transposing, chord shapes and octaves.
JC14, all we know is that they’re trying to ship it in the next few months and that it won’t be cheap.

basicbasic, me too. I use several O&C “apps” for chord generation, although I’m not ruling out a more dedicated, interactive module, myself. Probably one of the Instruo modules.
Don't know the others but having a great time with Argos Bleak - perfect for warbly B0C style chords, and super weirdness as well as straight forward chord generation. I have it driving a custom synth patch in the ER-301 - it's lovely!

Little demo, nothing special, but it should give you some idea:

TBH nothing I ever got from Flame worked exactly right and their manuals are atrocious.
I recently picked up an Arpitecht and am considering a Triad. I'm enjoying it a lot so far but imagine Triad is a very different take on chord sequencing than, say, Argos Bleak or Sinfonian.

That being said, it's competitively priced and a similar size to Argos Bleak so I find myself grouping it along with them. Sinfonian obviously offers the most direct control but is also the most expensive (in price and HP).

Interested in others' thoughts. Am I way off to consider Arp+Triad in the same ballpark? The experience of programming them would differ greatly between Argos, Sinfonian, Triad, at least. Does Harmonaig do chords?
Anyone got a link for Sinfonian? I can't find any pics/info on it.
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