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What Level of Pre-Fab is Still DIY?
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Author What Level of Pre-Fab is Still DIY?
I am a designer and manufacturer and have in the past offered modules as DIY, some as bare-boards with component kits (like the SDS_VCO) and others with 270 SMD parts already mounted but with a substantial amount of through-hole parts to mount as DIY (like the Reflex LiveLoop).

In a couple of weeks a new run of SDS_VCO's and the new RIT_M rhythm sequencer module will be completed at the SMD (603 & .5mm pitch tiny stuff) board level by a PCB/PNP house.

The SDS_VCO will still have 4 pots, 4 jacks, 8 LED's, protection diodes, crystal and various headers to mount before they can be sold as completed units.
The RIT_M module will have 2 pots, 6 jacks, a pushbutton, 3 LED's, protection diodes, and various headers to mount.

My question is, could these 2 still be considered as DIY?

The Reflex LiveLoop DIY takes several hours to complete, but these are probably do-able within 1 hour or so.

Random*Source does it smile
lasesentaysiete wrote:
Random*Source does it smile

I guess I should have mentioned these would be kits with parts, but good point!
If you don't smelt the silicon from raw quartz yourself, someone can say it's not DIY. On the other hand, if you still have to play the instrument yourself, someone can say it's DIY. There's a bit of a grey area in between.
Haha yep, I think the professor on Gilligan's island did that in one episode...
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