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Disting Mk4 No Audio Playback
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Author Disting Mk4 No Audio Playback
I've spent a couple hours trying to get audio playback to work. I've hit the wall.

At first I was able to get one .wav to play, but unable to play additional samples.

Disting Mk4 v 4.3
The .wav files are 16-bit. 44.1.
I reformatted one card, then tried a different card. Card worked fine for loading firmware.
I checked the .txt files for illegal characters.
I renamed files according to old convention and tried not using a playlist file.

As i understand it, K1 should play files automatically and Z should step through the samples.

Today I briefly got the unit to emit clicks as I turned the Z knob, but then that also stopped. Unit is other wise putting out audio, e.e., noise algo.

I've attached a sample .wav and the playlist file.

Any ideas? I am flummoxed.
K1 is wavetable VCO. I1 is audio playback.

Your playlist says "sample01.wav" but your file is called "sample01 .wav".
Damn. I need glasses. I meant I1.

I'll fix the typo and tray again.
Thanks, OS.
User error all the way.
Appreciate the support!
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