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Hy plugins SeqCollection
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Author Hy plugins SeqCollection
Moon Indigo
I thought this excellent VST sequencer deserves its own thread. It was brought to my attention on this forum. It is essentially four sequencers in one, a dark time clone, and M185 clone, an acid sequencer, and a probability based sequencer. Sequencers can be dynamically selected with 1-Click. You are therefore able to change sequencers on the fly.

There is built in modulation (modulators include a nice LFO and step sequencer). Only a few parameters can be modulated at this stage but I imagine this will be expanded. For now I have had good results using Abletons LFO tool to modulare number of other parameters like individual pitches, note on off, and sequence length, similar to numerology.

One of the best features is the flexible randomisation of many parameters.

There is quite flexible patter chaining which can be midi triggered if that is your thing.

The interface is very clean. There is little menu diving, everything (for the selefted sequencer) is in front of you. The tool is fully resizeable. There is a demo available. I have bought this and think it is really excellent. I’ve been in contact with the dev who says development will continue. Currently it’s at version 1.0. I have no vested interest, I just think this is an excellent tool that people should know about.

I encourage you to try it if you enjoy flexible sequencing! This is like a stripped back Numerology. Not as deep, but in my view more instant. I had really creative sequences running in about one minute. It’s affordable too - US$40.

What I would like to see is:

EVERY parameter modulatable
Modulation with a click on the destination parameter rather than drop down.
Excellent sequencer for sure. Check out MPS as well, the free version is fantastic in it's own right.
Moon Indigo
paperCUT wrote:
Excellent sequencer for sure. Check out MPS as well, the free version is fantastic in it's own right.

Had a look, looks very cool.
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