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Let's Talk About Nutube In Modular
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Author Let's Talk About Nutube In Modular
Yes there are some tube based modules, but does any anyone know about future designs using the Korg NuTube 6P1?
i'm very interested in this
Now, I am not an expert, so let's quote someone who is. From this very forum.

metasonix wrote:
People keep asking me about this in email, so here's the same answer.

Noritake makes vacuum-fluorescent displays, and it's very easy to make one into an amplifying triode. It's a very poor triode, mind you. Directly heated filament so it needs a negative grid bias voltage. Will NOT plug into existing equipment. The filament in VF displays is very fine, fragile wire and tends to vibrate, so such a tube will be microphonic. Low gain too. It's not a BAD idea, it just won't meet the typical high expectations of the market.

Yes, people have known about this for a long time:

Easy to predict what will happen to this: idiot guitarists will ask "hey man, is it like a 12AX7, man". They will be told "no", and the only sales will be for a few Korg products. Which will probably tank because the tube-thing is microphonic.

I would not be surprised if Korg made this announcement in a desperate attempt to injure the sales of their principal supplier of guitar-amp tubes, the ruthless Mike Matthews. Everybody hates Mike. In which case, Korg may or may not even be planning to mass-produce them. Dead giveaway, they aren't offering engineering samples to anyone.
I'm not really seeing Metasonix's argument.

This device was clearly engineered to be a amplifying triode and not a display. To me, it does not look to be a direct swap for anything. An appropriate supporting circuit would need to be designed around this unit. Also, my interpretation of his meta argument is that Korg are idiots in this regard. Or to talk about this issue from the other side, vacuum tubes are not the best at being electronic valves either and that's precisely why we like them. Because they are far from perfect.

Soooo.... how can this little guy be used to our sonic pleasure?
Well, Korg has started to manufacture things with them, including this new Vox mini-amp:

And the new Vox Continental:

So I'd guess user experience with it will start to roll in at some point. Be strange if they're microphonic and used in a keyboard, I would expect that would suck.
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