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Whats your method of making music/patching?
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Author Whats your method of making music/patching?
Im torn - part of me says use expert sleepers every damn time i want to make something, and make sure my oscs are tuned.

The other part in me, wants to just fiddle and twiddle, and make shit up, and whatever result comes, hey - if it sounds good, it is good.

Lately, i have been trying to do the latter part, just twiddle - just make stuff, and dont worry so much, but i can feel how DEEP inside me, my oldschool way of making music is embedded; You gotta tune. If you dont, youll regret it later, when you want to add something from say a DAW.

I just.. im beginning to feel that if i have to stay tuned perfectly, the music that comes out, is just that, tuned, limited, normal.

If i just turn that frequency knob, i usually end up with far more interesting results.
You have the creative equivalent of a sofa's ass-groove.

Identify your habits, which it looks like you've started doing, but keep doing that and in more and more detail.

Find ways of breaking those habits. ES making you lazy? Take it out and put it to one side. You might say, "but... but... but..." Just take it out and see what happens. Find new ways of working around the functionality you've lost.

Repeat for other habits until mojo returns...
Well, i can see what youre saying but i think my problem is slightly different.

This is what i have made so far on my modular, and its kinda the style im going for:

My issue has been more of a .. .way of trying to make this, using modular as much as i can. Im sloooowly creeping up on being able to make these "sets" live, but the way i have done it now, have been to use 80% of the modular for what you hear, but the remaining 20% have been ableton vst instruments.

And there is the issue, if i play around with the frequency, it sometimes feels impossible to make the whole thing vibe correctly when im then using vst instruments.

On the other hand, if i could figure out how to do all of this without ableton, then, yeah - there would be no issue.

So i dont think im stuck in a rot, but more that im stuck in a very traditional way of thinking when it comes to song making - and if anyone has any tips that based on the kind of style i want to make, could help me move away from ableton, and purely into the eurorack/no computer realm, then id love to hear that.

does that make sense?

Can't hear your Soundcloud because I'm at work, but I don't think my approach would help anyway (throw it all against the wall and see what sticks).

However you'll probably find, now that you've given an example, that fellow wigglers may be able to point to specific modules/techniques that give you what you're looking for.
Haha - i see what youre saying smile

Well, i hope so - its riding me .... ive been thinking about alot of various setups for how to do this, but i cant seem to move on, and actually find the right path..

I have moved the thread here, as i realised it might be more interesting for me to get answers from specifically eurorack users:
Dupe thread - use this one -

And in the future ask a mod to move it please instead of this
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