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Quick question: does orientation of a trimpot matter
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Author Quick question: does orientation of a trimpot matter
Just to make sure: is it correct that orientation of a trimpot doesn't matter. In this case I'm talking about this one: AEpiMZZMvygUB3GLcD7q0RCMTFQCakyBzQzH8eQYE%3d
Well it depends on what you mean by orientation. It won't matter whether it's a vertical or horizontal trimmer so long as you can get your screwdriver in there. It won't matter if you install it back to front so long as it's functioning as a voltage divider, if you're only using 2 of the 3 pins then it really does matter which way you connect it.

Hope this helps
Thanks. Let me clarify: does it matter if pin 1 and pin 3 are swapped?
if all three pins are in use swapping 1 and 3 the pot will work the other way round.
...what would work for me, because I trim it once.
For a pot, that I use always, it would be a problem.
linear pots are the same back to front
exp. taper are directional - which is why its often so much bother to find reverse log for audio

do trimmers even come in log though? im not sure ive ever seen one..
Pin 1 and 3 on a trim pot are electrically identical, but not mechanically the same. Clockwise rotation of the screw will move the wiper towards one of the pins, say pin 1. So if the pot is a trim with 1 and 3 connected to the supplies CW turns will make the voltage at pin 2 go up in one orientation and go down when flipped 180. But then, I can't think of a situation where that matters :-)

Thanks, in this case I don't mind the screw direction.

Now back to building ☺️☺️
Jeez I just ripped a pad last week flipping one of these!

Oops... Thanks for the thread!
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