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Rhythmic Inversion: patching challenge
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Author Rhythmic Inversion: patching challenge
hey everyone,

i posted a long while ago about trying to invert a gate sequence with rene- inverting, not in the sense of inverting the voltage but rather the rhythm. it is a technique that is common in african and other rhythmic-centric musics. let me explain:
lets say x marks a 16th note on and 0 marks a 16th note off:


when inverted this should be transformed to


after trying and failing with rene, i realized i might need some more flexible tools, so i resorted to the doepfer logic a-166 and the sequential switch a-151. However, even with these tools im still left scratching my head. hmmm..... Some modules i have which i might be able to use for the task: sport modulator, maths, qcd, and the doepfer modules i mentioned.

would be very curious to see if anyone has a patching technique for this.


This should be trivial with any module that can add a constant dc offset to an input and invert the input. Many utility modules do that. I think you can do this in maths using the middle channels, one being the positive dc offset, the other taking the gate signal and turning the attenuverter knob fully ccw.
Just inverting the voltage like that will only work if the rhythm is legato (each pulse fills all of its time slot, no gaps between pulses when there are two in a row). But if you invert like that and then AND the result with a second rhythm that has a gate pulse on every beat, it should work. There will be small glitches if your gate pulses are not all the same length, which you can filter out by putting it through a slew rate limiter and possibly also a comparator.
Should be easy enough to do by patching some logic.
When I get a chance I'll give it a shot. w00t
Ok! Got it! hyper
Sorry I took so long, I also had to take a dump... hihi

By patching the pattern you described into a logic module, and patching in a pattern with all the grid spaces filled with Xs, and using an XOR output, you'll get the inverted pattern.
But, you've got to make sure the your trigger/gate lengths are the same for each input or you may lose or gain extra triggers. w00t

w00t _ w00t w00t _ w00t _ _
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