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Post your favourite DIY filters (with schematics)
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Author Post your favourite DIY filters (with schematics)
Hi, I'm having difficulty finding (and getting to work) a tasty filter circuit for my synth.

Could you some of you please recommend me some of your favourite filters and post up the relevant working schematics, I would be most grateful!

Many thanks in advance

check out the ripples files.

buried in the electro music forum are plenty of circuits and discussions.
Thanks for the help dude!

That Ripple looks interesting.

I've had a scan of the EM forums, but I was wondering what people thought were their faves, as you probably know, there's a lot of very average filters out there.
plushterry wrote:
....there's a lot of very average filters out there.

Really? Not aware of any, there are filters with more or less distortion, but there is a place for all of them.
Sure, there are filters which pare down the circuit to the bare minimum, or below, but some of these are much liked as well (MS-20 filter?).

Do not expect the first filter you build to be your last. Ah, the temptations of DIY eurorack grin
ok, well what's your favourite then? I'm a noob, so any half-decent advice I'd be willing to take hihi

I'm certainly not expecting to only build one filter, I love filters so I'm hoping to build several applause so many uses for filters other than eurorack!
I'm not the OP, but I myself am kind of bored of plain old low pass filters. I'd like to see more multimode modular filters. Or even standalone highpass, bandpass, notch etc filters.
I do have the one YuSynth Steiner filter which is multimode. But it's kind of permanently stuck in osc mode once I discovered what lives in there.

I am also a filter enthusiast! nanners

My current favorite is this classic:

The design is easy and straight forward, and the result sounds just fantastic.

I did do also a lot of DIY with other filters, let me see what else I can find.

- Pete66

Here you may find some good inspiration for a not-so-easy-to-deal-with beast:

Try the "modified Steiner VCF" as suggested by Osamu Hoshuyama.

- Pete66[/img]
Thank you Pete and calaveras! I will check these out later on we're not worthy
Pete66 wrote:
My current favorite is this classic:

The design is easy and straight forward, and the result sounds just fantastic

That one sounds super good, and Yve's other filter modules on his site are also great!
Agreed (on the other VCF's on, haven't built the Moog VCF), the Steiner VCF on yves' site is great, lots of character and flexible.
I just did a layout for his EMS vcf and that's great as well (and vc resonance).
The Moog Taurus ladder vcf is nice (see efm schematics or the frequencycentral one)
I really like the ssm2044 vcf, it's very "nice" see foniks' site.
The Polivoks vcf from Erica Synths is very useful, pretty nasty.
As is the wasp vcf (see foniks' site, or the schematics by juergen haible).
Haven't built any of the Roland ms filters but people like those as well (as well as the other Roland-esque filters by AMSynths)
The Ian Fritz Threeler
Befaco BF-22

I think these are both dual filters. The Threeler has twelve presets, and the Befaco is continuously adjustable.

Both are easily overdriven and can be CV overdriven.

Both are capable of basic filtering, or way over the top coloration. If you are tired of the same old LPF, give these a try.

[added] I recommend buying full kits for Befaco - they require some parts that are not commonly used in DIY such as wee little 1/8w through hole resistors.

[beware] Threeler requires 2xCA3280 and availability of these is dicey - only buy from trusted sellers.
Thanks so much guys, I will check these out when I get home from work hyper
Another vote for Befaco. I also like the cinnamon from Bastl a lot of character. I saw somebody building a double unit, that's a great idea.
The God's Box Humpback - not technically open source, but the schematic is published:

It's basically a two-pole multimode SEM filter with some gnarly distortion if you want it on the resonance/feedback circuit. It sounds really nice. Only catch is it uses a pair of CA3080 chips and there's no reason in 2017 not to replace them with an LM13700. I'd also bung some reverse polarity protection and a fuse on the power line but that's just me.

But it sounds very good. I have that (built) and Ripples (bought) and they're chalk and cheese, and both lovely.

Ripples is very 'liquid' and Rolandy, will self-oscillate with a beautiful sine wave if that's your bag, has CV control of resonance, and also a built in VCA on the four-pole output if you want it - handy.
For a clean, versatile filter with nice (loud) sine resonance and BPF, HPF and LPF outputs, I like the thomas henry VCF-1 ..

For more character and dirt, I like the Serge 77 VCF...

I've built this MS20 filter but mine wouldn't self oscillate, but it does have lots of personality..
Lest we forget the Wasp filter!

edit: opps, jarno already mentioned this but anyway here's a schematic..
widdly wrote:

I've built this MS20 filter but mine wouldn't self oscillate, but it does have lots of personality..

Remove 10k resistor in feedback loop of A3 and replace with 22k or so?

And perhaps change the LED's to ones with a higher forward voltage drop (Vf).
I didn't get a chance to check these out properly last night so will do some serious filter building this weekend w00t

Many many thanks for the recommendations kind folks!
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