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juno 60 rackmount conversion
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Author juno 60 rackmount conversion
hi all, i have a juno 60 with tubbutec mod that takes up a good amount of space in my tiny new york apartment. does anyone know of a shop in the US that specializes in converting synths to rackmount? i have a feeling that it'd cost way too much to make it worthwhile, so may just start standing it up on its side, but figured i'd ask if anyone has any experience/ideas with this sort of thing.
Sir Ruff
Armand's in Manhattan is known (and notorious) for doing that. I'm sure they'd do it, but it would also be pricey no doubt. There is some other company doing the same thing to Juno-106s, but they retain most of the keyboard.

Honestly, if space is such an issue why not trade in and get an MKS-50 w/ PG-300 instead? Hacking these things was not really a big deal when they were dime a dozen, but these days it makes more sense to preserve them.
+1 would love to know too.
Stack up. Utilize the space above.
Or maybe just buy a JU-06 and use that until you have more space again?
I´d love to se a junior-106-style conversion for the 60. I don´t really need the 5-octave keyboard, so a compact version would be great
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