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Waldorf dvca1 problem (calibration?)
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Author Waldorf dvca1 problem (calibration?)
Haven't seen many (any?) posts about this module specifically. First of all, it sounds fantastic and the colour feature is really well implemented I'm finding. Combined with the other controls, it really helps to fine tune the shape of the Envelator I've been using to control the VCA.

Anyway, I just got this module yesterday and noticed some strange behavior.

There is a big discrepancy between the two sides when they are set to the same settings, (the left side seems to be the normal side working as intended and the right side is problematic) Also, when using the mix out, the left side will sound a lot quieter than if it was just coming out of its own output with identical settings.

The temporary fix is that when I plug in a voltage offset into the right side DC input and set the voltage source to zero, everything seems to work as I think was intended.

So is this a calibration issue where the right side somehow has a constant negative voltage being applied that is skewing everything?

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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