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Help with a first patch!
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Author Help with a first patch!

Hi everyone.

I'm very new to the Euro rack world and I'm very much enjoying the journey. I wonder if anyone could give me a basic patch idea for playing a drum and melody line together and how to go about it. I've been doing ok so far but I feel I'm missing something. I can't seem to sync the grids to the moog sequencers tempo, it always seems out of time. Any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated.


The Mother 32 Assign out can be set to Clock, Clock/2 or Clock/4 or a reset trigger. The highest resolution is a Clock and this effectively is 1 clock pulse per sequencer step.

Assuming you have a 16 step sequence that is 1 measure, so each is a 16th note that's 16 clock pulses per measure or 4 per quarter note. This is 4ppqn.

Grids uses a 24ppqn clock by default. this is a higher resolution which enables it to do the more complex rhythms. 24ppqn is the DIN and MIDI standard. So how to get them to sync:

Options 1 - you can change Grids to expect a 4ppqn clock. The details for this are in the Grids manual. This assumes you want the M32 to be the master. You would set assign to clock and then take assign out on M32 to clock in on Grids and have the Tempo knob on Grids fully CCW. You will be in sync but will lose some of the more complex rhythms in Grids.

Option 2 - you can drive M32 from Grids. To do this you need to use the alternate outs for Grids (also in settings) which makes the Accent 2 a clock. Then run this into the Tempo in on M32. You will need to change the Tempo setting on the M32 to option 2 (single clock advance mode) which basically means that every time the M32 gets a pulse it will move one step forward. To keep things tight you can use a Accent 3 out (which is now a reset) to reset the M32. Now you are nicely in sync, but have lost Accent 2 and 3

Hopefully this all makes sense and welcome to modular.
BTW, if you try option 2 you still have the accents on the M32. If you set assign to that you can use the assign to drive something like your BIA effectively giving you 4 trigger steams (the other 3 coming from Grids).
Thanks pal, this is really useful. It works a treat Rockin' Banana!
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