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Delptronics LDB1e quiet/noisey
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Author Delptronics LDB1e quiet/noisey
Hi All,

I have a Delptronics LDB1e. I really enjoy the Roland CR-78 style sounds, but my module is about 1/3 the volume of my other modules and has a serious hum. I have moved it to different locations in my case, and the problem remains. I haven't swapped cases yet, but none of my other modules in that case have the same problem.

Is this normal? I hope not, because I really enjoy the module, but it isn't particularly useful when the hum is as present as it is.
I have one. At a certain point, it exhibited a similar problem. I couldn't figure out why, as nothing else had changed in my rack. So I thought it was busted, and sent it back. He couldn't find anything wrong with it, and sent it back to me. So I put it in a different case, and it worked fine. But if I put it back in the original case, it's messed up. So try swapping cases.
Cyber-N Powers
It needs a 5v power supply which might solve the hum problem, but even then it is a bit quiet. I use an Animodule line amp to boost the output.
Thanks all, I’ll try that. It’s too bad because that’s my drum case. It has 5v, but maybe not enough?
I used to have one a really long time ago. I eventually sold it because the volume was very low, and I too found it too noisy (maybe it was just that the noise floor crept up as the overall volume was so low and it needed a boost?)
In any case, I though that it was the way the module was designed.
Cyber-N Powers
Also worth checking the gain pot on the circuit board is fully clockwise. Still needs a line amp though..
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