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MAX/Maxuino digitalIn
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Author MAX/Maxuino digitalIn
I'm building a MAX patch utilizing Maxuino/Arduino to interface my modular with the laptop.

I'm sending a +5v gate from the modular to a digitalIn on the Arduino to trigger a groove/buffer sample in MAX. This works fine & well, however the groove is triggering the sample on the leading edge AND the falling edge of the gate input.

How to I filter out the trailing edge so I don't get a double trigger on the groove?

I've tried 'routepass 1' but that has no effect.
I've tried 'edge~' but that is for signal input not message
I've tried 'if $i1 == 1 then 1' that doesn't work either - not that I was expecting it to...

thanks in advance
do you just need to tell it to bang when the number is higher than zero

so like:

> 0.
Sel 1
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