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Make Noise Tempi start stop inquiry
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Author Make Noise Tempi start stop inquiry
Tempi is both my favorite and least favorite module. I love its functionality, but in practice it's next to useless because my compositional structure involves a few days of work, filled with multiple start/stops throughout.

I know Tempi has a mode (Cigler mode) that allows it to only run when your DAW is running, and most Midi-to-CV convertors spit gate high on run. Unfortunately, I lack one of these specialized modules, opting to sync my gear to my midi hardware (Octatrack is my master) via either a Beatstep Pro's clock out, my Analog 4 or 0-Coast. None of these have a dedicated function like this, and though I could dedicate a channel to this purpose (e.g. making a 1 bar gate high pattern in the Beatstep Pro), it feels inelegant.

Is there an easier solution I'm missing? Am I misunderstanding the intended input Tempi is expecting to make use of the Cigler mode? It seems this should be a very common issue, unless I'm in the minority wanting to stop/start a composition repeatedly while under construction.

Advice sorely desired.
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