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(Digital) mixer with ADAT out
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Author (Digital) mixer with ADAT out
So im looking into incorporating a mixer into my setup instead of an audio interface. I was using RME UCX till now for my ADAT needs with the ES3/ES6 combo. Now, specifically, im looking into using mixer that can also function as an audio interface to a DAW, which seems like every digital mixer does these days. Problem in using it like this is that mixer set as such reports itself as audio interface in the computer OS and hence has to be ADAT equipped if i want to use my ES3 with it.

Now i know using mixer in traditional sense of mixdown going into sound card interface wouldnt be a problem, however mixer-interface setup is a problem as reported above.

What could be my solution here? I use Wins so native ageregate audio devices from MAC will not do. Is there any solid Windows solution out there? Regarding mixers, I know Behringer X32 can be upgraded with S16 digital snake which has Adat out, however 800 eur for that single critical functionality is a bit much. On the other hand x32 with S16 might still be cheapest (around 3k eur) option for this kind of setup. Or what are other digital mixers that could handle ADAT outs?

Thanx for the input!!
Ok, OS, you could chime in. Im a long time customer.
OK, you could be patient, I'm moving house. Miley Cyrus

The Windows version of Aggregate devices is asio4all.

I have no experience of digital mixers.
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